The Misogynist ‘2014’


It has been a worst year for Indian women. January 2014 started off with the heat of Delhi gang rape and the year continued to see more of them often. The realization that there is an insatiable hunger for their body has left every Indian woman sleepless. You may think that women are miniscule when come to the mainstream of society and what happens to them should not have much impact on the developments of the country. But, it is to be otherwise.

I find less number of my friends choosing to travel at night. Early days, a train ticket booked for a night journey was fine, as it could save a day from getting wasted. But, now taking a day off for the journey sounds safer. Most of them dreamt of a career in cities, but now they are ready to stay back at their natives. A few of them even find it difficult to sleep without the night lamps switched on. To that extent, we are succumbing to the dangers of society. More precisely, we are getting used to the public apathy and violence.

Those who tenaciously think women deserved to be treated so, should now feel happier that women has started learning a lesson. But, it is not a lesson that you teach her. You are letting a problematic society grow, a society who thinks it is ok to rape and kill anybody. Ask your own sisters and mothers, how it feels to live in darkness, unable to heal the scars of their soul. Imagine how it feels to get yourself tied up, and a thick iron rod forcibly pushed deeply down your anus, tearing all your inner organs. It is not fun! It is not just a pain.

Let all Indians ponder over this as 2015 begins. Let us take resolution to stop being misogynist. For the girls out there, make an unequivocal reaffirmation of your womanhood. Stay awake and alert to any actions against your body. Condemn the voice who once again say ‘boys are boys’. Give assurance to your fellow girls that you would stand up to protect her. For all men, do not regard girls as sex tools, but as fellow-beings. Understand that they are just like you, with dreams, pain and pleasure. They are also important for your own life to grow.

If you want a tomorrow, where you own daughters and sons are safe, you have no other choice. If you rape and kill a woman today, somebody else will do it to your sisters, wife, daughters, or perhaps to ‘you’ tomorrow.


The author of this blog is Ria Lakshman. V, who currently works in Color Doppler, a healthcare magazine based in North Kerala, India. She is a perfect archetype of the proverb ‘Jack of All Trades, but master of none’. She is a passionate writer, besides which she also paints and draws pictures occasionally. As an aspiring writer, she writes short stories, reviews, travelogues, features and reports, many of which have appeared in newspapers and magazines. Two Sides is a space for her to express her views and to reach similar minds.

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