We are educated, but useless as well!

This was a blog post I wrote towards the end of my post graduation. I re-post this now because I feel the matter is still relevant to ponder (Perhaps this reflects me!!!).

I am nearing the finishing point to acquire another educational degree. By all means, the post graduation is considered to be well-educated in Indian context. So I am well-educated, but ain’t I  ignorant when it comes to basic skills of life? I began thinking this, only when my beloved mother started screaming at me for being stupid when it comes to households like ironing clothes or keeping room clean. Look back to your life during college, I am sure you too must have survived few minor burns when boiling water for tea or burned your clothes while trying to iron (many of us avoid this by drinking tea from canteen and giving clothes for laundry!).

The matter sounds trivial, yet it is something to ponder. We earned gold medals and distinctions in our academic records, but when it comes to simple things like fixing a button on a shirt or drilling a hole on the wall, we run to call help from professionals. Our savior, the internet is there to teach us everything, yet it hasn’t seems to be of much use when it comes to these silly, yet necessary matters.

Unable to create anything by ourselves, we adhere to the practice of buying things. We mastered ‘consumption’ and literally wait for things to happen for us. You can raise the question “So what?” to me for writing this. It may not prove harmful as long as there are things to ‘consume’ and people to ‘help’. Yet, we forget one thing that we are being dependent on one thing or the other that truly make us slaves.

The educational system should be blamed for this. Instead of numbing children down with mathematics, science and history, the educational system can think of making an interactive learning environment, where craftsmanship and problem-solving abilities are valued. The motto of learning should not be restricted ‘to think’ for oneself, it should also include ‘to act’ for oneself.



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