The Morning Magic

The sun rose over the valley, and I had not witnessed it for days. The sky gleamed in the morning light. I decided to take a walk. I saw the magic unraveling before my eyes. The place was never so peaceful. Thanks to the rain in the previous night, the air was cold. I walked with my shoulders shrugged tight. The puppies were playing on the empty roads, and the insects were freely flying from the nearby bushes. There I saw these yellow flowers. With the glittering dew drops resting on their petals, they silently told me life is all spring. It was a cheerful invitation to begin a happy day.


The author of this blog is Ria Lakshman. V, who currently works in Color Doppler, a healthcare magazine based in North Kerala, India. She is a perfect archetype of the proverb ‘Jack of All Trades, but master of none’. She is a passionate writer, besides which she also paints and draws pictures occasionally. As an aspiring writer, she writes short stories, reviews, travelogues, features and reports, many of which have appeared in newspapers and magazines. Two Sides is a space for her to express her views and to reach similar minds.

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