The Moonwalker

The uniqueness in the anatomy of the word ‘Moonwalker’ perceived in the style of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk was venerating for the 12-year teenager to etch it deep in the heart. Watching the legendary singer wasn’t in my destiny, but the photographs and videos of him performing on the stage decorated my walls. When I wanted to try a silhouette of a stage performance in the Zentangle pattern, there was nothing more distinguished than the steps of the Moonwalker that could loom loud.

Artwork by Ria Lakshman V.


The author of this blog is Ria Lakshman. V, who currently works in Color Doppler, a healthcare magazine based in North Kerala, India. She is a perfect archetype of the proverb ‘Jack of All Trades, but master of none’. She is a passionate writer, besides which she also paints and draws pictures occasionally. As an aspiring writer, she writes short stories, reviews, travelogues, features and reports, many of which have appeared in newspapers and magazines. Two Sides is a space for her to express her views and to reach similar minds.

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