Modi and the Religions


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Modi made an excellent impression as Prime Minister within days of his victory. His speeches are coherent, lucid and have a great promise involved to solve the miseries of India. His well-dressed postures on every rostrum, with body guards flanking, successfully have stamped the impression of a true leader in the minds of every Indian. It is obvious that he is gifted and talented than any of his counter-beings in BJP. Overall, he is a spellbinder. But, it will take more than the skill of oratory or posture to keep his regime from falling.

At the moment, none of the people around him are likely to show disaffection to him for a simple reason, that he is a man who brought outright majority in Lok Sabha election ever since 1984. Modi is also the man who is credited for BJP’s victory in many states. But, sooner a crisis could arise, from his own people who gave him the same mind-blowing victory.

A feature that was used against Modi during the election (perhaps forever) was being a Hindu nationalist, who failed to prevent 2002 Gujarat riot. In course of the animosity against a corrupted rule for past ten years, people pardoned Modi for it and decided to give him another chance. It was wonderful to see the initial days of his power and people were keen in seeing their nation gleaming with new hopes of prosperity.

Now comes the news of religion conversions, talks on love jihad, Good governance day on Christmas, upheld of morality, rise of moral policing and many more. Although indirectly, the roots of these incidents look like the rule of Modi, as the bigots down the line feel courageous that ‘their’ man is in power.

India’s 1.2 billion people are predominantly Hindus. But, there are also 160 million Muslims and a portion of Christians housed in the country. India’s forte is secularism. There is a growing generation, who has learned to accept people as one, irrespective of castes, religions, race or creed. Within such a nation, it is pathetic to see religion becoming a mainstream topic of discussion.

Modi should himself asks the people to stop being divisive and institute strong judicial actions against the culprits, irrespective of their religion and political affinity. Unless Modi picture his love for all religion, there can be riots across the nation. People will soon blame Modi for another ‘riot’ and pull Modi down his regime in the next election.

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