Extremism Taking its Form: An Evolving Danger in India

“Good job…”

“More will be killed..”

“I am proud of Muslim warriors who did the job so neatly..”

“Those who hate Muslims..Beware”

These are just a handful from the countless comments on social media networks about Charlie Hebdo attack. It appears that the notion of jihadists killing cartoonists sounds appealing to a few in the nation. Among them are both the genders, coming from different backgrounds, who are either professionals or students. Take another instance where a female actor Gauhar Khan was attacked by a Muslim youth for wearing short clothes. Or, the comments under the photographs of a female Muslim actor. Many of those comments speak in support of the attack or may have spoken in support of burqa or given a religious interpretation of how a woman should be.

These Muslim youths who comment similar are neither terrorists, nor they show any indication of becoming terrorists in future. It is that their viewpoints are similar to that of jihadists’, or more explicitly, many of them believe in the extremists ideas spread by those of Taliban, Al Qaeda or ISIS. The question of how does this proves harmful to the country is easily answerable. All those comments show the in depth thoughts of the growing Muslim youths in the nation. It shows the danger that India too is a fertile land where the ideas of jihadists can be easily cultivated and yielded positive results.

And, that is how the jihadism works. Through strict religious educations from childhood, a mindset is cultivated among the growing youths, which is later sharpened by extremists through terror trainings to carry out the attacks. Consider Charlie Hebdo massacre, Café Termine bombing or Paris attack. They are not majorly linked to each other. The culprits behind them are not similar or from the same group. Rather, they are committed by individuals who believe in similar ideology. Contemporary Islamic militancy works in a kind of structure where the ideology is spread to the individuals. Among them, a few receives training from the groups like Taliban or Al Qaeda, who carry out the attack.

Hence, the growing hatred seen through the comments on social media networks in support of Charlie Hebdo attack or the incident of Gauhar Khan are not something to be ignored. They are the warning bells that somewhere there is a loop hole through which the jihadism will soon get rooted in India.

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