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train journey

A Long Staggering Journey

A journey is best experienced when you have elephantine luggage to cart with. You fail to climb the stairs and begin panting like a race horse after a sprint, fellow travelers stare at you as an uninvited perturbing creature lunging into their privacy, and yet

The Entrance of Dhe Puttu, Calicut

Dhe Puttu, Dha Thinnu*…

My love for food is well-known among my friends, and a few of them are too happy to drive me to restaurants, just to watch me eating. Most of my happy memories revolve around food. It is a gift I give myself to keep me

The Valley of Silence

The Voice of Silence

For those who love to fall in the immense beauty and bliss of the nature, Silent Valley is a befitting choice. Situated in the Nilgiri Hills, Palakkad district of Kerala, Silent Valley houses amazing varieties of flora and fauna. Untouched by the human intrusion, the