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Khap: India has better business than to care its under-privileged

The husband of Mamta Bai, a 25-year old resident of Notara Bhopat village, Rajasthan betrayed her and eloped with his neighbour’s wife and his two children. The neighbour Rajendra Meghwal approached a caste panchayat with a request to allow him to ‘keep’ Mamta Bai, or

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Extremism Taking its Form: An Evolving Danger in India

“Good job…” “More will be killed..” “I am proud of Muslim warriors who did the job so neatly..” “Those who hate Muslims..Beware” These are just a handful from the countless comments on social media networks about Charlie Hebdo attack. It appears that the notion of


The Misogynist ‘2014’

It has been a worst year for Indian women. January 2014 started off with the heat of Delhi gang rape and the year continued to see more of them often. The realization that there is an insatiable hunger for their body has left every Indian

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Can Joint Family System Minimise Suicides in India?

Perhaps Yes! The reason to raise this question now is the data released by World Health Organization last Thursday, stating India recorded the highest number of suicides in Southeast Asia in 2012, with a total of 2,58,075 people committed the act that year. Among this,

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Maria Sharapova and the Indians

It was a regular working day. I stepped out of the editor’s cabin after a short discussion about an article that I had to write. As a regular habit, I swiped through the newsfeed on my mobile and there appeared a news – “Maria Sharapova

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The Idea of Tolerance and Indian Society

Indians are tolerant. Perhaps, extremely tolerant! They are forbearing to the fact that they are getting exploited. They are forgiving the social inequalities and caste divisions that deny them the basic rights. Let there be a rise in inflation or an economic stagnation, people think

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A Strike on Indian Football

World Cup FIFA 2014 is the latest talk of the town. Every newspaper has special FIFA masthead designed for the pages. The websites have exclusive sections dedicated to it. Television ratings of the game are on surge. Live telecasting of football on media is higher

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10 Awful Comments on Rape by Indian Politicians

“Girls should be married at the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don’t need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur.” Sube Singh, Khap Leader, Haryana “One of the reasons behind the increase in

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The Overlooked Aspects of Rape in India

Every day, India wakes up to the news of a new sexual crime against women. The latest to join the list is ‘Badaun gang rape’ held at Katra village of Badaun district in Uttar Pradesh (UP), in which two teenage girls were raped and hanged