A Rainy Thoughtful Morning at Office

I live in the midst of vast greenery. Reptiles, birds and animals enhance it to the definition of a forest. Here begins the monsoon! The drizzles soon turn into thunderous loud roaring rains. It indeed makes me difficult to walk, but offers the peacefulness dearth in the busty cities. I enjoy here, except for the laziness it spells on me. I enjoy here, for the loneliness it pounds on me.


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There is still an ambiguity in the air. Perhaps, it’s because the entry here wasn’t a prepared one for me, neither awaited nor expected. I remember a friend who called me ‘so focused’, and the moment I felt proud of it. But, this destination wasn’t in my focus. So my friend, listen wherever you are, “I have changed”.

The Motto Behind

I believe everything happens for a reason. The hunt for that reason is fun. It is as if the reason hides behind the pillars of the building I live. The moment I look for it, it changes the pillar from one to another playing hide-and-seek.

I wanted to take a break from everything I did before and wanted to lapse into a bean bag with a book in my hand. Although the bean bag is missing from the scene, the books are back to my hands. I get time to write, read and dream. Significantly, I get the right ambiance to do what I love. That keeps me happy and peaceful.

Somewhere, the moment traces me back to my childhood days when I was better curious child. As you grow up, the innocence in you vanishes and you join the race to become the best monsters among the rest. I was indeed in the race.

Now, I rest at a place which has something peculiar that drove me to run backward. And, here I sit, with my mind inclined to become a child again. Is it the forest around or the spirituality that rules the air? I do not know, yet I know it is a human mind that keeps moving to and forth in search for the happiness around.

As I write, the rain pours down heavily out the window and the cold breeze whooshes on me. The tree outside drenches in rain and shakes its leaves violently as if to take off the water droplets falling on it. I can hear nothing except the sound of the rain. It is a perfect morning for a dreamer to let his thoughts flow and here, I did.

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    pauperprince says:

    or was it a pull? An unexplainable pull towards the unknown, exciting and fearsome at the same time. 😛

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