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Extremism Taking its Form: An Evolving Danger in India

“Good job…” “More will be killed..” “I am proud of Muslim warriors who did the job so neatly..” “Those who hate Muslims..Beware” These are just a handful from the countless comments on social media networks about Charlie Hebdo attack. It appears that the notion of

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Modinomics v/s Bhutanomics

India is celebrating Modinomics at Gujarat. With speaker after speaker — ranging from India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani to US Secretary General of State, John Kerry—speaking about the air of optimism in India at Vibrant Gujarat, we are fully energized and highly anticipating a new

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What Does Charlie Hebdo Ask Indians?

So the next was Charlie Hebdo attack! And, this time it is about freedom of speech. I could spot mixed reactions among my peers. There are many who condemn the brutality and who say Je Suis Charlie. There a few others parallel, saying ‘be responsible’

The Entrance of Dhe Puttu, Calicut

Dhe Puttu, Dha Thinnu*…

My love for food is well-known among my friends, and a few of them are too happy to drive me to restaurants, just to watch me eating. Most of my happy memories revolve around food. It is a gift I give myself to keep me

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Modi and the Religions

Modi made an excellent impression as Prime Minister within days of his victory. His speeches are coherent, lucid and have a great promise involved to solve the miseries of India. His well-dressed postures on every rostrum, with body guards flanking, successfully have stamped the impression


The Misogynist ‘2014’

It has been a worst year for Indian women. January 2014 started off with the heat of Delhi gang rape and the year continued to see more of them often. The realization that there is an insatiable hunger for their body has left every Indian